Grain to Glass in Iceland

Aquavite also called Brennivín in Iceland

has a dominant flavour of caraway seeds and is the traditional spirit of Iceland.

With Víti we aim to bring you the authentic spirit of Icelandic nature.

Víti is triple pot distilled using our custom-made small batch distilling unit.

This method gives us a truly unique spirit base from the Icelandic barley

and allows all essential oils from the native botanicals to be carefully

preserved during the distilling process.

100% Icelandic Premium Aquavite

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products,

along with our caraway seeds we use a selection of other Icelandic herbs and botanicals,

either wild picked from the highlands of Iceland or grown locally.


Icelandic Ingredients

We use native Icelandic herbs and botanicals,

either wild picked from the highlands of Iceland or grown locally.


Icelandic Barley


Caraway Seed


Angelica Root




Creeping Thymes


Iceland Moss




Meadow Sweet


Birch Leaves

A Strange Breed

They said we would not survive the land. We said: the earth defines us, it provides us, and we’ll never be afraid again.


Keep your concrete, and your grey skies. We are of pure, of true, and of beautiful.


Give us a world covered in glaciers, rocked with volcanoes. Watch us go trough the freezing and the months of darkness just to smell the air and taste the water. And when your land gets buried in buildings, our mountains change color and sun never sets.


They said the isolation will make you mad. We said: it might, but oh what a sweet madness we have…

One with Nature


… Keep your wide fields, your endless roads. We are one breed, one family, and one soul. Give us tragedy, the curve balls of life. Watch our isolation unite us. In the black depths of the night, our Viking blood will warm us. And when the world comes to an end, we will give it a grin and a shrug of the shoulders.

They said you are made of savages and pirates. We said; no, we are made of warriors and fighters.Keep your norms, and keep your cages. We have courage, we have patience. We have sheer determination. Give us hardships unnumbered, the greatest trials. Watch our insouciant battle­-hardened spirit redeem us.When you’re born into trouble, you live to win. And when the wind stirs the woolly tuft of Iceland’s head, you can hear our battle roar in the wind.

“Víti is non chill filtered in order to fully preserve the flavor of our Aquavite, this makes it slightly hazy like a glacial river when you mix and chill it. This truly brings out the Icelandic spirit when enjoyed in good company.”
– Master Distiller


Internationally Recognized

Víti has received a GOLD MEDAL at the distinguished SWSC 2015.
Forty one spirits experts convened at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco for judging of more than 1580 entries. There they awarded Víti a Gold medal, and by that receiving the highest award given in its category making it one of the best Aquavite in the world.


Land of Ice and Fire


Even though the hardy Vikings hold a gruesome reputation of being brutal savages, these northern pirates were also some of Europe’s best storytellers, moved by the mesmerizing scenery – scenery that inspired Viking sagas that keep fascinating audiences even today.

Iceland is much more than just ice and fire. The forces of nature have painted a magnificent tapestry of colors with geological phenomena unmatched elsewhere in the world. And while the harsh climate is a challenge for even the greatest warriors, the land offers great opportunities. The exceptional earth provides Víti Aquavite with a unique flavor palette, and imbues the drink with the characteristics of the seasons. It provides geothermal energy, and the purest water in the world – making Víti unlike any other on the planet.

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